The "Misfit," Bisexual Priest & Native "Beachboy"

The Rev. Fr. Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, MDiv, BS, CH

Bisexual Life and Faith Specialist but I work, and have helped, ALL identities within the LGBTQIA+ family.

  • Are you ready to say "bye" to the shame of your bisexual identity?
  • Are you ready to experience the blessing of forgiving those that have hurt you?
  • Are you ready to take pride in who you truly are as a bi+ individual?
  • Are you ready to truly love yourself?
  • Are you ready to strengthen your relationship with your partner through authenticity?
  • Are you ready to deconstruct and reconstruct your authentic & affirming faith?
  • Are you ready to love and serve Jesus as a LGBTQIA+ Christian?
If the answer to any or all of these questions is YES...

You have found the right person and your life is about to change for the good.

I am ready to help you live as a joyful and confident life. If you are a follower of Jesus, I can help you build a personal, authentic and affirming faith without denying your queer identity.

I am convinced that...

Building YOUR faith, when still a believer and follower of Jesus, is the best way to begin healing your church trauma as a queer Christian. (But, if you aren't a believer now, don't worry. I am here for you and can help.)

Why? Because, for many of you, faith is still part of who you are. In fact, if faith wasn't such an important part of your wouldn't be struggling as much as you are. But, having grown up in the conservative Evangelical church, you are struggling to build the bridge between who you are and what you believe.

Even those who have left the faith completely must wrestle with the baggage of the abuse they carry.

You also realize, as I do, that you could not, and can not, possibly live up to the expectations of purity religion nor does God expect that of you. That's an expectation of man.

That's where I specialize...

I am a bridge builder between identity and faith for queer Christians. I want to help you construct from the ground up.

My Specialties Include:

  • Bisexual: Thriving in Life and Relationships (Inclusive of all identity make-up and structures)
  • Healing Your Church Trauma and Constructing your Affirming and Authentic Faith (includes ALL religious trauma but especially issues within the Christian LGBTQ+ community )
  • Helping the Partner of a Bisexuals love, accept, and celebrate their bisexual partner
  • Helping You Study the Scriptures more accurately and Analyze Theology more thoroughly in order that you might heal your hurts and grow in your relationship with Jesus (I have Formal High-Level Education in Biblical Studies and Theology.)

"Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience. He is a man of God that deeply cares for the LGBTQ+ community."

Matt W.

Click the player to hear my story on an episode of the "Coffee with Keith," Podcast.

Please Note:

  • I am a Christian and I love the Christian faith but assure you, I am an imperfect, Christian "Misfit" and claim to be nothing more.
  • I love the affirming Church and believe it is of great value to humankind.
  • I look to Jesus as my inspiration, my teacher, and as my Savior.
  • I am not a pastor at this time; thus, I have the freedom to be the real me and work with folks as I do. That does mean that the majority of my income is derived from the clients I serve.
  • I am open-minded and very non-judgmental to alternative lifestyles. I have experience with most.
  • I know what it's like to walk this journey. I have done it as a cis gender bisexual man!

Let's do this!

"I absolutely recommend Keith. I have known Keith for over 16 years. Keith's work with LGBT youth and adults is not only important, but necessary. The population of Christians among the community is small. Keith faces trauma caused by the church head on. He helps people move from a place of hurt caused by the religion to helping understand the essential personal relationship they have with God."

Jessica B.

"So how do I work with you, Keith?"

I currently have 4 levels to get help form me.

Level 1: Digital Champion Academy: Digital Courses to help you Heal and Grow

Click Pic to learn more: $197
Click Pic to learn more: $47
Click Pic to learn more: $37
Click Pic to learn more: $37
Click Pic to learn more: $17
Click Pic to learn more: $17

"But Keith, I need more direct help! Is there a way I can work live with you?" Well, I've got you. Check out LEVEL 2.

"Dr. Keith Brown's teaching, guidance, genuine care, and positive energy had a tremendous impact on my life. Without his influence, I would not be in the position I am in where I too can have positive impact on the people I encounter each and every day."

Phillip J.

Level 2: Join one of my EXCLUSIVE Group Coaching Programs.

Click the Pic to learn more. (Next Group: Jan-Feb 2023)
(Coming Soon)

As a bonus to joining a JOURNEY, you will receive a special invitation to join my elite group: Rainbow Mastermind. Although not required, this is an ongoing service I offer to my champions as an affordable monthly membership.

Level 3: Mastermind Membership (Only open to graduate Champions)

Elite Mastermind Group for Champion Graduates!

"I have been tremendously blessed to have had the encouragement, teachings, and kindness of Dr. Brown in my life. He is kindness and wisdom personified. The world is a little better because he is in it."

Carrie S.

"Sounds good, Keith...but what if I want to work with you one-on-one?" Okay...then, LEVEL 3 is for you.

Level 4: Work with me 1-on-1 or as a Couple.

Click the picture to find out more.
Click the picture to find out more.
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Click the Picture to find out more
Click the picture to find out more.
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This is powerful, personal time focused on you and your healing and even more ultimate thriving. INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING is obviously limited on the number of sessions available per month. Current clients get first priority but please don't hesitate to apply.

“Keith is a Godly man and speaks from the heart.  He has a lot of ambition to spread the Word of God.” 

Ann B.

Just to summarize...these are all the many ways I help my clients:

  • Christian Life Coaching (Individual and Group) *Please note that professional ethics of disclosure are applicable but sessions are not to be considered church confessional and thereby not protected as such.
  • Digital Courses filled with Teaching and Application
  • Rainbow Mastermind for on-going Support, Learning, and even Prayer
  • In-Person Courses to Entertain, Educate, and Encourage using Comedy and Magic
  • "Coffee with Keith," Podcast to Teach, Challenge, and Encourage
  • Online Devotion and Prayer Services
  • Magic Shows for pure entertainment and enjoyment
  • Books to Educate, Entertain and Encourage you in your life.
  • Private Facebook Community Groups for learning, encouragement, and belonging
  • Sacraments offered through Apostolic Priesthood

Fr. Keith and wife, Candace

“Keith Brown has proven to be an excellent speaker, well-educated in the Bible , and knowledgeable of modern technology and social media.  As great as these qualities are, there is another quality that surpasses them and that is his abundant love for our Lord and strong belief in God’s plan of salvation.  This is the foundation for his ministry. His sermons are from the Word of God.  His Bible studies are quite challenging as he digs deep into the Scriptures.  Participants are encouraged to explore and make connections that are not always obvious at first glance.  He leads us to these connections with his knowledge of Biblical history, Greek meaning of words, and often a closer inspection of the wording.”

Anita D.

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