Hi! I’m Keith.

Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, M Div, BS, CH

I am a speaker, a teacher, an author, a mentor, a podcaster, a digital course provider, a blogger, a magician, a theologian, a photographer, a Christian, a son, a husband, a father, a hiker, a beachboy, and probably some other things I have forgotten. As you can see, I am many things and I am proud to say, I have accomplished many things; however, I have also failed at things and I have experienced what it’s like to hurt. I bet you have too. In fact, You may be experiencing some right now. If so, I am sorry for that…but, I can assure you there is healing that can occur and there is thriving beyond the pain. I want to help you get there. Together, we will tackle the sources of hurt, the strategies to heal, and the tools to shift your impossible to possible.

My MISSION is to help Equip and Empower YOU to use Your Personal Integrity to Heal Your Hurts and Shift Your Impossible to Possible, thus creating the life you want and deserve.

Personal Integrity is thinking and behaving congruently and consistently with one’s personal beliefs, values, and desires regardless of the external expectations or pressures. This is how one creates a magical life of fulfillment, happiness, love, and success.  This, however, does not mean a life completely void of costs, hardships, or losses. Please don’t fall into that thinking. There will be bumps in the road and some disappointments along the way; but, living a life of Personal Integrity will absolutely give you the best tools to deal with the hurts, heal from any pain, and shift your beliefs from impossible to possible. I promise!

Dr. Keith Brown’s teaching, guidance, genuine care, and positive energy had a tremendous impact on my life. Without his influence, I would not be in the position I am in where I too can have positive impact on the people I encounter each and every day.

Phillip J.


My heart is to share with you valuable lessons to encourage, motivate, and challenge you to move forward in your Personal Integrity!


Grab your favorite beverage, take a seat at my table, and join me for a chat on my podcast, “Coffee with Keith.”


In my books you will find humor, encouragement, and practical suggestions for a life of personal integrity.

Success is obtaining that satisfying feeling of knowing you have grown personally as a human-being, reached personal goals you set yourself, and wake up each day ready to experience what lays ahead.

Joy is an active belief that comes through Personal Integrity. It can sometimes be displayed as happiness but it’s much deeper. Happiness, after all, is just an emotion and can change like the ocean tide. But joy…that’s a foundational belief that radiates throughout you entire being.

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