Many, within the Bi+ Community, are suffering with Identity Shame and possible Trauma and their impact on EVERY area of life, and often doing so in silence. The solution is to get real with who they are, get clarity on what's really going on, and develop skills to practically move forward into healing and happiness. I help my clients do that through my digital courses, coaching, and in-person presentations so they can enjoy a life that's better than they ever imagined.

So...If this is you...I'm your guy.

Get Real to Heal.

I'm Keith (J. Keith Brown, D Min, MDIV, BS, CH), AKA-"The Bi Guy," a Bi+ (primarily) Life and Sexual Identity Specialist, and my mission is to Coach Bisexuals to Own their Identity, Heal their Trauma, and Create Happy Lives. I back that mission with over 35+ years of experience, education and knowledge...plus a lifetime of living it out personally.

Let me answer this common question:

"Keith, can I use you if I'm something other than bisexual?"

The short answer is-YES! Although I market myself primarily to Bisexuals, my courses, coaching, etc. is available to any member of the greater LGBTQ+ community.

Four MAJOR Areas of Work Concentration:

  • "Coming Out"-Utilizing my "Selective Outage" Method (TM)-Primarily Bi/Pan
  • Healing Identity Shame/Trauma-Utilizing my "Wipeout Trauma" Game Plan(TM)-All Identities
  • Bridging the Gap between Identity and Faith-Formal Education-All Identities
  • Bisexual Relationships-Lifetime of experience-Creating happy and healthy relationships

Let me be a little blunt, if I may. You can continue to wallow in your hurts and stay stuck in your trauma or, you can allow me to help you get your healing. That isn't arrogance...it's confidence. Why? Because, that's who I am and what I do. I believe in action. I believe in using a plan. I believe in accountability. That's my teaching. That's my COACHING.

Having said that, this might be a good place for a Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor am I a licensed therapist/counselor; rather, I am a TEACHER & COACH.

The lifetime of healing starts with the first step.

Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience.

Matt W.

We will work together to get you the healing you desire, the self-esteem you need, and the hope you deserve. Yes, we will look back, but our focus is on moving your forward.

"Okay, Keith, I think I could really use your help. How can you help me?"

Here are the current ways...

To learn more and take that FIRST STEP toward your healing and growth...


Level 1: Independent learning and growth
Level 2: Individual~Couple~Group
Level 3: Where entertainment & teaching co-exist
Fiction and Non-Fiction
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I have been tremendously blessed to have had the encouragement, teachings, and kindness of Dr. Brown in my life. He is kindness and wisdom personified. The world is a little better because he is in it."

Carrie S.

Are you ready to change your life? Let's go!

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