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Let’s talk a little Self-Love

I know that any of us who are part of the LGBTQ+ community suffer abuse from others, especially those from within the church; however, I am also convinced that much of the abuse we experience comes from ourselves.  Many of us suck at experiencing self-love.  Either we don't know how to do it.  Perhaps we don't know what it even looks like or should look like.  I get it.  I have struggled with that at times myself.  But, I know that without it, we can never become the person God created us to be.  We can never succeed in life the way that we want.  We can never attract to us the positive people and things we desire if we continue to practice self-abuse rather than self-love.  So, let's talk about it a little today and allow me to suggest one little technique that I have used, as well as my clients, to begin flipping the switch toward more self-love. 

Now, grab a coffee, have a seat at my table, and let's chat on this episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast.

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Thanks and blessings, Keith 

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