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Bible Talks: Why does God protect some and not others?

On today's Bible Talks episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast, we tackle the difficult idea of how God seems to intervene in the lives and well-being of some and others, he seems to not do so.  I believe this is a reasonable question and one we could certainly ask as we read Acts 12 which is our Scripture today.  Let me also add, that I kind of stepped back to grab this text.  I somehow skipped it in our progress, having already down chapter 13 but felt it was worth going back and looking at.  In chapter 12, we see that Herod has put James to death by the sword and yet, he comes and rescues Peter from the jail.  Why?  Is Peter more important to him?  Does he love Peter more?  Is James expendable?  This is a question that I have heard often in my life and work, and one I have often asked myself., let's talk about it a little and what's more, let's give ourselves the freedom to ask.

Now, grab a coffee, have a seat at my table, and let's chat on this episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast.

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