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Table Talks with Frank McGowan: Being Gay in Scotland and how it impacted his media work today

On today's Table Talks episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast, I welcome Frank McGowan, CEO/Executive Producer/Producer and Global Brand Manager
 Bad Pony Media Productions and Braw TV Scotland.  In this episode, you will hear Frank describe his life growing up gay in Scotland and how his experiences, and chosen community, have shaped his life and career.  This is an incredible journey that I think will amaze and inspire you.  *Warning:  I do need to inform you that in Frank's honesty, he does share some of the horrific violence that he and others experienced.   If this would trigger you, you might want to skip this episode.   

To connect with Frank:
Twitter: @glasgowfranko81 | @badponymedia | @brawtv
 Web: |

Now...grab that cup of coffee, sit at my table, and let's chat on this episode of Coffee with Keith.

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