Table Talks with Lucy Byrd Hope: Daily Alignment-Tools to balance your Body, Mind, and Spirit

On today's Table Talks episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast, I welcome Lucy Byrd Hope.  Lucy is a Mindset Coach and she just had her book published by Simon & Schuster, Daily Alignment: Tools for your Body Mind Spirit.  Her story alone is very inspiring  as to how she hit rock bottom only then to discover 85 tools she used to help her climb out of her despair. It's a beautiful story. She also identifies with the LGBTQ community. Lucy took these tools she learned and put them in a book in belief that they can  help you.   These eighty-five coping skills are geared to help you build a foundation of healthy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual habits. This book is fantastic for those dealing with overwhelm, burnout stress, traumas, grief depression, and PTSD.
Lucy speaks & teaches these tools to listeners and speaks on many summits!
Socials: @lucybyrdhope

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