The Bisexual Life

Are you single or in a relationship and have discovered/accepted that you are Bisexual and now are wondering how to adjust your life to this new revelation?

Bisexuality (and the similar, Pansexuality) are unique identities within the queer community and there are specific issues, challenges, and even blessings that come. It's okay to struggle. It's okay to have questions and concerns. It's also okay to be excited about your new discovery and the options it now affords you in life.

Example questions you may be asking...

  • Do I come out?
  • Must I come out?
  • What if I am in a relationship and my partner doesn't know?

I get it! Big stuff!

I will tell you that there are issues that you will face as an individual and there are issues that you will certainly face if you are in a relationship. Please know you aren't alone. There have been many folks that have walked this journey before you including myself.

Why this coaching?

Good question since I have a bisexual relationship coaching as well. The answer is actually pretty simple. This coaching is for that Bisexual person that is just now coming to terms with their bisexuality and my couple's coaching is for those who have come out to their partner and the couple is trying to negotiate the challenging but happy waters of such a relationship.

This coaching is for the person who perhaps:

  • Is just now coming to terms with their Bisexuality or the possibility thereof
  • Is sure of their Bisexuality but hasn't come out to anyone
  • Is convinced they are Bisexual but doesn't know what to do with that new information
  • Is sure of their Bisexuality, in a committed relationship, and hasn't shared this with their partner
  • Just learns that their partner is Bisexual and they need help processing and accepting this new revelation

Do you feel lost and need to talk to someone?

Look, I understand there are so many things going through your mind and you may be even worried that you can't be happy or enjoy a happy relationship with another person. Let me put your mind at ease. You certainly can. I am living proof!!! But...I will tell you there are things that I have done and learned along the journey that have made a difference. I want to help you avoid as many of the landmines as I possibly can.

I want to also assure you that even thought I am a priest and Christian, I am not closed-minded nor am I judgmental to how you choose to navigate your life and any possible relationship. For instance, I have actually worked with Bisexuals that decided to be Polyamorous. It worked for them and I simply helped them work through some of the issues related to their bisexuality. I mention that to show that I am open to what my clients feel is best for them.

So, listen...

Let's do this. Let's get you some help.

"Okay, Keith...what do I do if I want to get this coaching?"

Just apply below!


If you purchase this session you will also get a personal follow-up email from me (within 7 days) to check-in and see how you are doing. You will also be able to ask questions in your response. What's are free to join any of my FREE Facebook communities where I am always willing to jump in and help as my schedule allows.

"Okay, much?"

I get it. Money is important.

You may even be asking: "Why do you charge if you are trying to do 'God's work?.'" Let me answer that first...

The reasons are simply these:

  • I make my living with this business (that is an honest answer.)
  • I have years and money invested in education, practice, and experience for which I deserve compensation.
  • This affords me the time to help instead of doing it "on the side."
  • I no longer work for a local church and do not receive compensation from such.
  • Those who invest in themselves experience more success.

So...I hope those honest answers help. still want to know...

How Much?

Well, I also try to make my work as affordable and transparent as possible. So, I currently offer this Jumpstart Your Healing Session for only...

$97.00(+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

Want to get the most help from working with me?

Grab a Package!

4 Sessions Package (plus free check-in): $347* (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

*Rate subject to change without notice.

As you can see, my current rate is affordable and totally transparent.

That's it. It is that simple. Once I get that, you and I will pick a day and time...and the healing will start.