Boundary Setting 101

Is someone constantly hurting your feelings?

If so, you don’t have proper boundaries set in place. What’s more, most people don’t have the knowledge or experience to set them. Perhaps that is you. Well, if so…please don’t beat yourself up for it. Lord knows, there has been enough of that already I am sure.

I know that my LGBTQIA friends often feel the pain of this, especially those who have grown up in the evangelical church. And if you are like many folks, you just felt you had to keep your mouth shut and suck it up. The same is often true for families and friends.

Perhaps you have said something like: “It’s just easier if I keep my mouth shut and not say anything.”

Well, yes…it’s easier for them. But the down size of that is it allows for your continued pain.

It’s time to take action.

At the core of all my coaching are these things:

  • Beliefs about God and Yourself matter
  • Accepting responsibility for your own life and future is essential
  • Strategizing is important to your growth
  • Incorporating Resources and Support are crucial to your well-being
  • Celebrating your victories along the way will empower you to keep going
  • Serving others will give you purpose, peace, and passion

Are you ready?

In this one powerful session I will:

  • Help you understand the need for Boundaries
  • Help you prioritize the proper Boundaries
  • Teach you the proper method of setting Boundaries
  • Give you practical tips for practice before setting the key Boundary (practical practice)
  • Give you the “Permission” to set Boundaries (Yeah, I know…But truthfully, we sometimes need external permission if we are specifically dealing with trauma.)
  • Follow-up via a text message to hold you gently accountable

This is a “no fluff” session where we will get down to business quickly. We can either do this via a phone call or a zoom call. Most often, I am willing to do either.

So, if you need this, reach out to me through an email at

In that email, simply tell me:

  • Your name
  • Your issue of pain (a brief explanation of what you are dealing with from the person)
  • Possible days and hours of availability (I am trying currently to be as flexible as possible.)

What about PRICE?

Yeah…I know…

Well, how about this good news…

For this introductory coach session, I am currently offering it for the crazy low price of $69!!! (+7% sales tax for NC residents-Price will increase soon.)

So…what are you waiting on?

Let’s do this!