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    Table Talks with Jess Grace Garcia: Their Journey into Polyamory (Part 1)

    In this Part 1 Episode, I'm joined by Jess Grace Garcia (they/she) where she shares about her professional and personal life. You will enjoy this conversation as Jess introduces us to her discovery of polyamory as a personal identity and the struggles and blessings it has brought into their lives.  Jess Grace Garcia (they/she) is a cofounder of Q Worship Collective, Co-Host of Lavender Mafia Podcast and the Music Director at Community Congregational UCC in Los Angeles where they live with their wife and girlfriend. They spent a number of years leading worship in non affirming spaces until she took a break to rediscover what it looks like to be…

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    I hate my “Man Boobs.”

    Is there some part of your physical self that you dislike? If your answer is yes, then I get it. I was a happy and blessed young boy, being gifted with wonderful parents and a comfortable home. I was active and spent most of my days outside riding my bike, climbing trees, and playing games of all kind. I was a skinny little guy with a ton of energy. Then...puberty. For some reason as I entered this major season of life, along with the normal changes, I began to grow what most today would call, "Man Boobs." I still wasn't obese or even fat, but for some reason, I was…