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    Benefits of Failure

    What?  Keith, are you trying to tell me there are benefits of failure?  I am.  And in this episode I am going to share 4 of them with you.  We all know that failure is a part of life.  Either you have failed at things or you haven't tried anything new.  I doubt if you are listening to this podcast it is the latter.  SO...grab you beverage of choice, take a seat at my table, and let's chat about the "Benefits of Failure," on this episode of Coffee with Keith I want to add that I do get a little personal in this episode when I share one of the…

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    In an Instant-Everything Changed

    In an instant—everything changed.  The story I want to tell you about happened while I was teaching at a private high school several years back and that was after choosing to leave a secure administration position at another school.  I did that for two reasons: 1) I missed the classroom, and the interaction with the students, and 2) I wanted to have the free time during the summer to project my own business to greater growth and success. The thing I didn't count on  was a quickly crashing economy. That cycle of financial disruption didn't hurt everyone but it certainly hurt this school.  Several of the parents lost there jobs…

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    Taking my washing machine for granted

    I can honestly say that my washing machine is not something I often think about. In fact, even though I typically do the laundry for my wife and I (I work from home-she is out being a professional psychologist), I can honestly say I don't think about my washing machine on a regular basis. When we have dirty laundry I simply load that bad boy up (and yes I separate), add the detergent, and hit start. Then I walk away and work until I hear the buzz. Simple right? Sound familiar? Yeah... Until... Imagine my surprise when I came back to check on the laundry and found a puddle on…