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    Table Talks with Dr. Jessica Rabon: Queer and Trans Youth Mental Health Needs

    There certainly has been a lot of talk in the news and social media lately about the "Don't say Gay," bill in Florida and the anti-trans mandates from the governor of Texas.  Sadly, there are even more such laws and mandates around the country.  In this episode I invited Dr. Jessica Rabon to the podcast to discuss these issues from a Mental Health standpoint.  I think you will love this discussion full of information. Dr. Jess is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in pediatric psychology.  Her clinical interests include depression, anxiety, chronic medial illnesses, LGBTQ+ health, and eating disorders.  She has published a number of peer-reviewed research papers and a…

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    How to Thrive after Divorce: The 6 Steps to get there

    After my first marriage of 25 years ended, I documented my healing and recovery, ultimately writing a book to teach what I did to do that.  I subsequently retired the book because I plan to rewrite it, update it, and release it in 2022.  But until then, I wanted to serve you by getting into your mind and heart the basic foundation to this process.  So, in this podcast I take you through an overview of what those 6 steps are in my Thrive Method.  I tell you in the podcast and in this description that they are not always easy.  In fact, this is one of the leading types of…

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    How to Handle Our Grief

    I realize that Grief is not an uplifting subject.  It's also something that isn't enjoyable to experience.  But, as you and I is one that we will all face.  Every single person on this planet will experience true loss in their lives.  It could be a loss of a job, as loss of a loved one, or as is my work focus, the loss of a marriage.  Regardless of the cause, grief is a process that we will all experience.   In this episode, we tackle this important subject by discussing: The Stages of Grief (briefly) The Key Lessons I have learned over 30 + years of working with…