CHOICES: Are yours working for you?

Have you ever made bad choices?

The obvious answer is, “Of course.” In truth, we have all made poor choices when it comes to just about every aspect of our lives including relationships, money, career, etc.

That’s why I created the presentation…“CHOICES.”

Choices is not just an interactive and entertaining show, it’s an experience filled with teaching, comedy, and amazement.

In this extremely interactive program, I ask my guests to make choices all along the way.  Will those choices impact the endings?   Were they really free choices?  Just a couple of questions (among many) that will be posed and illustrated in this mind-boggling time together. 

The most popular word heard after this program is: “How?” 

Using amazing and interactive illustrations, I will cover areas such as:

  • Peer pressure on choices at any age
  • Emotional choosing
  • Goal focused choices
  • Manipulated choices
  • Instinct choosing
  • …and even more.

Choices is perfect for more intimate group settings such as classrooms, youth groups, or even staff meetings in business. The pace is slower, more conversational, and relaxed so a minimum of 60 minutes is suggested.

So…Is this something your group could use?

Contact me directly and we can work together to schedule CHOICES for your group. Your folks will enjoy the fun, remember the reminders, and hopefully, be empowered to take ownership of their own choices.

Is fate calling?  Don’t miss it!