Create Your Calm: A Guided Meditation

This audio will help you get there.

Are you feeling stressed these days?

If you are like most, you definitely are. I get it. Life in general can cause great anxiety and when you heap a massive dose of pandemic onto of that...well, it sets a person up for some real stressful days.

I want to help!

I have created something just for you...

Create Your Calm: A Guided Meditation

This is a 17 minute .mp3 meditation to reduce your stress, put you at greater peace, and calm your emotions. Just place your earbuds in your ears, hit play, and allow the sound of my voice and the words you hear to take you to a relaxed state of mind. In the background, you will also experience the peaceful and gentle sounds of the ocean waves upon a sandy shore.

But that's not all...

Although that would be a great thing in and of itself, I don't stop there...

In this meditation, you will hear a subconscious suggestion repeated several times that will trigger your mind to use this technique anytime you need to without having to listen to the recording. In other words, the connection to your subconscious mind made in this recording will allow you to use the technique on your on to bring immediate calmness to your body and mind. This can easily be done at any time and at any place without bringing attention.

But the technique is powerful.

Rest assured that this isn't new-age mumbo jumbo. This is scientific and spiritually beneficial. What's more, I have purposefully trained in this technique in order to help folks just like you.

So...are you ready to CREATE YOUR CALM?

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Right now, you can get this amazing guided .mp3 meditation for FREE!

You heard me right...


Your calm mind and body are just a listen away.