Advice for the Christian Parent of a LGBTQ+ Child

Matt Linden knows what it’s like to grow up as an Evangelical Christian.  He grew up in Washington state attending a non-denominational Evangelical church.  His father was/and is a conservative Christian.  So, when Matt realized he was gay, it was a traumatic experience  Since then, he has been on a journey to heal and find his faith.  If you want to hear more about Matt’s personal journey, please listen to episode 31.  

But, in this episode we shift gears a little.  I wanted to have Matt back on the show to share his heart and encouragement to Christian parents.  This idea came from a final question I asked Matt in Episode 31 (What would you want parents of queer children (regardless of age) to know.  He gave a wonderful answer but later emailed me more thoughts and said he wish he had been able to articulate those in the first episode.  I said, “we can fix that.”  And that’s when I reached back out to Matt and asked him to come back on the show to share.  

In this chat Matthew shares his 3 biggies and they are right on point.  You will also hear me express my opinion on the topic as well.

So, buckle up and get ready to take a compassionate ride into living as a Christian parent of a gay child as presented by Matt Linden.  This is “Coffee with Keith.”

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I encourage you to read his blog.  It will be informative for some and healing for others.

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