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The Journey from Evangelical to Bisexual Pastor and Life Coach: A conversation with Brandy Kizer

Today, my special guest is Life Coach and Pastor, Brandy Kizer.  Brandy is an American born southern girl, with sweet tea running through her veins.  Her greatest passion is making it impossible for others to not know Jesus.  After work hours, you can probably find Brandy tucked away reading, at a gem show, or planning her next big adventure.

In this episode, we chat about her journey from being a Southern Baptist Church girl in Alabama to a missionary working in Los Angeles to now, an engaged bisexual life coach and pastor residing in Canada.  It's quiet a journey so hang on.

I really think you will enjoy my chat with Brandy.  So, grab a coffee, have a seat, and let's chat on this episode of "Coffee with Keith."

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