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From Private Christian School to Engaged Lesbian: A Chat with Jessica Bolet

I am thrilled to invite Jessica Bolet to the podcast for this episode.  I had the privalege to teach and administrate at the high school where Jessica attended.  In this episode we talk about her struggle to overcome her "struggle" with queerness (the common phrasing by evangelicals at the time) and her desire to serve God in ministry.  We also talk about Jessica's journey of trauma and the working through that.  It is a thrill for me to see how this former student has matured and thrived in life. 

Jessica (she/her/they/them) is currently learning and actively pursuing a career in real estate.  Previously, Jess worked for telecommunication companies, leading sales teams not only in growth but in driving a spirit of excellence.  After high school Jess spent a gap year at "Master's Commission (similar to seminary but for Assemblies of God).  Jess has a BA in Business Administration from Mars Hill and is currently working on completing an MBA. 

I believe you are going to truly enjoy this episode and my chat with Jess on "Coffee with Keith."

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