Talking Conversion Therapy with Rev. Justin Kennedy

Today, I get to talk with someone about at topic that we haven't truly spoken about directly on the podcast.  That subject is: "Conversion Therapy."  This harmful "ministry" has done great damage over the years in the name of Jesus and today, I get to talk with someone who went through it personally.  Justin Kennedy is an ordained Baptist minister based at Heywood Baptist Church in the U.K.  Justin became a Christian in his teens but realized after a few years that his conversion hadn't erased his yet unacknowledged sexuality.  During his twenties Justin entered various forms of conversion therapy in order to exorcise what he felt were his gay demons.  Justin lost his faith as a result but was found again by God's grace and his now journeyed to a place of full acceptance of his true self.  Justin is passionate to help remove shame and stigma from the LGBTAIA+ community and throw open the doors of the church to welcome all the rich colors of the rainbow!

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