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Table Talks with Candice Czubernat, LGBTQ Christian Therapist and founder of The Christian Closet

In this episode, I have the privalege of chatting with Candace Czubernat who has been a therapist for 17 years and is the founder of the LGBTQ affirming counseling and coaching practice, The Christian Closet as well as the teletherapy organization Progressive Christian Counseling.  In both ministries, she and her team meet with people from all over the world for online telehealth sessions as they navigate the many intersections of life with a Christian faith.  Candice is a graduate of The Moody Bible Institute and The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.  She identifies as a lesbian and a Christian. She lives in a small mountain town in southern California with her wife, the love of her life, Crystal, and their 7-year-old boy/girl twins Deacon and Dylan.  If she's not working you can find her testing science projects with her kids, playing family board games or wrestling with their puppy Charlie Bonz. 

In this episode Candice and I chat about her story, the difficulties many have with accepting their faith (salvation) along with their queerness as well as mixed marriages (queer-straight).  This was a powerful chat and I think you will truly enjoy it.  So, grab that cup of coffee, have a seat at my table, and let's chat on this episode of Coffee with Keith.

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