Faith Foundation

Are you struggling with faith right now?

If so...

First, I want to assure you that you are not alone nor are you bad for it. The truth is, for many Queer Christians, raised in the Evangelical Church, the abusive trauma that they experienced has impacted their faith and for many, made them question it all together.

Maybe that is true for you too.

Things you learned as child may now be questioned. Hurtful words that you digested over time may have angered you toward the faith completely. Maybe you have questions and have never been allowed the freedom to express them. Well, I can tell you that all of of that is quite normal and what's more...I think it is healthy.

Yeah, I know. That seems strange but let me explain. When we take the struggle with faith seriously, we begin to deconstruct and then, hopefully, construct a faith that is real and powerful.

Deconstructing and Constructing one's faith is a healthy, but often painful, experience for the Queer Christian but the potential reward is amazing!

"Okay, how do I do it?

My short answer is: Carefully and systematically.

The problem is, most people feel overwhelmed when they are doing this work. They are bombarded with options, questions, and people pouring their own ideas into the ears. Truthfully, there is often an overload that occurs and thus...nothing becomes resolved. Think of the high school student who loafs for a three of four days in their class only to find themselves behind on the lessons. What's more, the teacher continues to give more and more lessons and the student feels they can never catch up. Suddenly, they are in panic or overload and the emotional "freeze" response often kicks in.

Well, the same is true for many folks like you. You have the best intentions to examine and resolve your faith issues but the more and more you dive into it, the more overwhelmed and over stimulated your become. Often, in frustration, many folks walk away completely.

You can do this!

I truly believe having a bite-sized game plan to examine key Theological pillars will help you better determine what you truly believe and will then help you construct your own authentic, affirming faith that will give power and happiness to your life.

It's all in the process and the patience.

That's where this coaching comes it. That's my job as your "Faith Coach." My job is to simply point you to some foundational pillars and discuss with you the options (Biblically, historically, and existentially). The decisions are completely yours. I just help you organize the information and thought.

So, are you ready to do the work?

Is so, complete the application form that follows. We will touch base and see if we are a good fit. If so, we will tackle this work together. The length of the program is up to you.

"Okay, much?"

I get it. Money is important.

You may even be asking: "Why do you charge if you are trying to do 'God's work?.'" Let me answer that first...

The reasons are simply these:

  • I make my living with this business (that is an honest answer.)
  • I have years and money invested in education, practice, and experience for which I deserve compensation.
  • This affords me the time to help instead of doing it "on the side."
  • I no longer work for a local church and do not receive compensation from such.
  • Those who invest in themselves experience more success.

So...I hope those honest answers help. still want to know...

How Much?

Well, I also try to make my work as affordable and transparent as possible. So, I currently offer this Jumpstart Your Healing Session for only...

$97.00(+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

Want to get the most help from working with me?

Grab a Package!

4 Sessions Package (plus free check-in): $377* (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

*Rate subject to change without notice.

As you can see, my current rate is affordable and totally transparent.