Forgive to Heal: 10 Steps to get You there


"Are you kidding me, Keith?"


Listen, I understand that any thought of forgiving when we have been hurt is hard. Our pain is real and often, I anger is as well.


I have been working with folks in session for over 30 plus years and have seen time and time again, those who are able to forgive are those most often able to heal. What's more, I have seen this in my own life. I have experienced hurt within personal relationships, whether family, friends, or fellow Christians. The pain I experienced was very real. The hurt was deep. And yes, I too was angry for a season.


I began to practice the 10 Steps that I will teach you within this mini-course. Those 10 steps helped me get to that place where I could not only forgive...but more importantly...release the hurt. So, I know personally how useful this process is. What's more, I have taught it to clients many times and have watched those who seriously practice the process experience healing in ways they could not have imagined.

No...this isn't a "magic pill." I wish it was. But it is a useful process to help you experience thriving after deep hurt.

Please also note that this course is applicable to anyone who needs help forgiving. will hear me speak of the LGBTQ+ community and their trauma in this course. That is because I specialize in that area of trauma.

So...what would you pay for such a useful course?

Teacher: Dr. J. Keith Brown

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