How to Interpret Biblical Text within its Context Course

I already interpret the Bible when I read it.


Well, good question.

Do you want to take study of the Bible really, really seriously? If not–You don’t need it!

If you do…this is the program for you.

Maybe you’ve said things like:

  • “I read the Bible but it I just don’t understand it.”
  • “How do I know I am interpreting the Bible correctly?”
  • “Can I really learn to better Interpret the Bible?”

Well, if these concerns have ever passed your lips…

This course is for YOU?

But is it hard?

I have taught this method to high school students and they understood and were able to apply it.

Do I always have to do my Bible study time this way?

No, you can still use your devotional ready and even devotional helps. But this is a great tool when you want to get a little deeper or grab more insight and instruction from this living book. This is especially helpful to those who teach Sunday School or Bible study and haven’t been to Seminary.

Will it take a long time to take the course?

No, the course is broken down into modules and you can go at your own pace. What’s more, you will get both an overview outline of the game plan as well as a usable question sheet you can write your answers directly into. You will have license to print or copy these sheets as often as needed for your own personal use. (It is not ethical, or even legal, to share these with others so please reframe from this practice.)

So…tell me more…

In this course you will learn the practical, yet doable method to understand the Bible using the English versions (Please note that I encourage the use of multiple versions. If you believe only in the King James Version, I love you but this is not the course for you.).

I am an educated Theologian and Apologist and have often noticed poor interpretations of Bible text. Sometimes I believe them to be drastically incorrect; however, I also know this is most often not intentional.

That’s why I offer this practical and informative workshop where attendees will learn the Tornado Method of interpretation.

In proper Theological terms, this is called exegesis.

Those of us who have been trained in graduate studies to do this work usually do it using the earliest Biblical recorded languages (Hebrew/Greek); however, I know most church members don’t have the knowledge of these languages. That’s okay. You don’t have to. Some of the greatest Biblical Scholars in history have done the translating for you. So, you can still use some of the important techniques to understand and apply Biblical text within it’s context straight from the English.

The Tornado Method

This is a simple name I gave to my teaching because it actually works similar to a tornado. I will share with you how you should begin with the bigger picture or broader context (macro) and then work it down to the more detailed of information (micro). It may sound hard, and it can be if you want to dive into its deepest levels, but you will find that just doing the basic plan will give you more insight than you have every had.

I remind you again…I have taught this method to high school students in Christian Schools and it has been not only grasped, it has been applied and appreciated.

Remember, even though there is impact at every section of an active TORNADO, it is truly at its finest point where we see the most impact. That’s what I want you to get from each in-depth study you do of Biblical text. I honestly believe it to be the best method, and with that effort, and an open heart, you will be able to truly get at the beautiful life-changing meaning of any Biblical text.

The key to interpreting text is to do it with an eye toward its original audience. Once, and only after you have done that, you will be able to draw lessons and rich application for life.

Some of the areas I cover are:

  • Canonical Placement
  • Author Significance
  • Audience Significance
  • Cultural Significance
  • Book Placement (Different that point 1)
  • Tense
  • Word selection
  • Scriptural Evidences/Support
  • Contextual Interpretations
  • Universal Application
  • Practical Personal Application

Again, this process may, at its first glance, seem like a difficult and time-consuming one. It really doesn’t have to be. In fact, the more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become.

If you truly believe in this book and want to understand its teachings, isn’t this worth it?

I paid thousands of dollars form my theological education which included instruction in proper textual Exegesis. Now, I want to share this with you!

So…tell me about the course. You get…

  • Recorded Video where I personally teach you the entire Method
  • Practical Application along the way utilizing the book of Philemon
  • .PDF “Cheat Sheet” to guide you through the Process

.Is this something you would enjoy and find value from?

Of course you would!

Don’t forget you can travel through the course at your own speed.

The truth is, for those that are only looking for a devotional thought from the Bible, you are probably fine just as you are. But for folks like you and me…well, we need to get more serious about it. That’s why I offer this course.

Join me on this incredible journey.

See you on the inside.

This course in currently in the recording stage. I know…hard to wait. As soon as I feel it is at the right point, I will begin to accept pre-orders and will release it as soon as it is done. So…be sure to sign-up below so you won’t miss out.