How to Thrive after Divorce: The 6 Steps to get there

After my first marriage of 25 years ended, I documented my healing and recovery, ultimately writing a book to teach what I did to do that.  I subsequently retired the book because I plan to rewrite it, update it, and release it in 2022.  But until then, I wanted to serve you by getting into your mind and heart the basic foundation to this process.  So, in this podcast I take you through an overview of what those 6 steps are in my Thrive Method.  I tell you in the podcast and in this description that they are not always easy.  In fact, this is one of the leading types of work I have done with folks over the years in my offices.  But it is doable and I believe it to be so successful in your healing and growth. 

Check it out and see what I mean.  Also, if you know of someone who is facing divorce, going through divorce, or has recently gone through divorce, I encourage you to listen to this yourself and share it with them. 

I also encourage you to listen to Episode 7 on GREIF before listening to this episode.


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