If we can be anything, let’s be kind

It truly breaks my heart to see how many people have been wounded by the church. And by church, I mean those persons within the church who feel it is their job to be gatekeeper, judge, and reporter. It hurts my heart to see how many people left the church and even more saddening is how many of those same people have left the faith completely. It doesn’t have to be this way. And before you tell me that it doesn’t exist in every church, I would argue that it does. Why do I know that? Because the church is filled with flawed and imperfect individuals as it should be. But those same flawed individuals do what we shouldn’t.

So, what Do we do? First, I would suggest we stop doing this ourselves, at whatever level we are guilty. Second, I would suggest we prayerfully ask God to give us a heart for reconciliation. Lastly, I would suggest we get up from our cushioned pews and get out there and love people and help them. Evangelicals, of which I hang my identity hat, have a reputation in the world of being mean-spirited, hurtful, and unloving. I am just telling you what I hear time and time again from people I meet and share time with. Is that really what we want to be? Is that really indicative of the person and character of the divine in human form…our Jesus?

One doesn’t have to throw away one’s convictions to be kind and welcoming. It may be necessary to put down the gavel and empty our pockets of stones, how ever. So, as I have often heard, “If you can be anything, be kind.”(source unknown).

Bless you,


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