Personal Integrity is thinking and behaving congruently and consistently with one's personal beliefs, values, and desires thus creating a magical life of fulfillment, happiness, love, and success.  This, however, does not mean a life completely void of costs, hardships, or losses. Please don't fall into that thinking. There will be bumps in the road and some disappointments along the way; but, living a life of Personal Integrity will absolutely give you the best and most authentic one possible.   I promise!

Success is obtaining that satisfying feeling of knowing you have grown personally as a human-being, reached personal goals you set yourself, and wake up each day ready to experience what lays ahead.

Joy is an active belief that comes through Personal Integrity. It can sometimes be displayed as happiness but it's much deeper. Happiness, after all, is just an emotion and can change like the ocean tide. But joy...that's a foundational belief that radiates throughout you entire being.