Jumpstart Your Healing

Are you Bisexual ( LGBTQ+), grown up in the church, and have heard time and time again how you are an abomination in the sight of God?

I get it! I've been there. But you want to begin healing that pain, right?

Jumpstart Your Healing (1-1 Coaching for the Bi+ Community) is perfect for you!

Don't lose hope! You can heal and have a renewed faith in Jesus if that is what you truly desire.

I understand. I have been hurt by folks within the church as well. But I also know true healing and renewed faith can happen.

Let's get you started toward that healing!

At the Core of all my coaching are these Foundational Truths:

  • Beliefs about God and Yourself do matter
  • Accepting responsibility for your own life, healing, and future is essential
  • Strategizing is important to your growth and healing
  • Incorporating Resources and Support are crucial to your well-being
  • Celebrating your victories along the way will empower you to keep going
  • Serving others will give you purpose, peace, and passion

So, listen...

YOU are not alone. As I said earlier: I am here to help you.

This is perfect way to get a jumpstart on your healing!

In my very strategic, but not rushed Jumpstart sessions (approximately 60 minutes), we will:

  • Discuss your past, your current status, and the things are are causing you the most pain at this moment
  • Validate your feelings but challenge you to look forward
  • Discuss what healing would look like to you
  • Create a personal "Towardation" (mantra) to help in the process of Mindshift (New one per session)
  • Consider the options you currently see and help you choose the best ACTION steps to get you moving toward you healing
  • And invite God's power and blessing into the entire process

This is a power session and it will truly help. But, please understand that "healing" can't happen in one session. Yes, I can help you get the ball rolling but you have to continue the process along the healing journey and remember, that takes time. But, you will gain clarity to see the situation for what it truly is and understand what is necessary to move forward. I am also available for multiple sessions. That is your call.

Faith Based Coaching
"Okay, Keith...what do I do if I want to do this?"

Just apply below!


If you purchase this session you will also get a personal follow-up email from me (within 7 days) to check-in and see how you are doing. You will also be able to ask questions in your response. What's more...you are free to join any of my FREE Facebook communities where I am always willing to jump in and help as my schedule allows.

"Okay, Keith...how much?"

I get it. Money is important.

You may even be asking: "Why do you charge if you are trying to do 'God's work?.'" Let me answer that first...

The reasons are simply these:

  • I make my living with this business (that is an honest answer.)
  • I have years and money invested in education, practice, and experience for which I deserve compensation.
  • This affords me the time to help instead of doing it "on the side."
  • I no longer work for a local church and do not receive compensation from such.
  • Those who invest in themselves experience more success.

So...I hope those honest answers help.

BUT...you still want to know...

How Much?

Well, I also try to make my work as affordable and transparent as possible. So, I currently offer this Jumpstart Your Healing Session for only...

$97.00* (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

Want to get the most help from working with me?

Grab a Package!

4 Sessions Package (plus free check-in): $347* (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents)

*Rate subject to change without notice.

As you can see, my current rate is affordable and totally transparent.

Apply now...

That's it. It is that simple. Once I get that, you and I will pick a day and time...and the healing will start.