I know the value of mentoring. As an educator, magician, husband, father and just as a human being, I have always had personal mentors. Some of my mentors have included parents, pastors, professors, entertainers, business executives, philosophers, and even friends. I believe a mentor isn’t necessarily an all-knowing guru, nor is it a person without flaws or mistakes. A good mentor is someone who truly cares about you and your well-being and success, and has obtained, through education and/or experience, the knowledge to help you succeed in a particular area of your life.

Perhaps you can’t see the obvious because of the problems or limiting beliefs you are experiencing in your life right now. Maybe those around you are bringing you down rather than lifting you up.

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I believe that most of our personal issues, including self-worth, bad habits, poor decisions, unhappiness, and even some depression are most often the result of living in false or borrowed integrity. To truly be happy, and successful, we must live our own.

I don’t claim to “know it all.” But, I have experienced and learned a lot through formal education, wisdom from other trusted individuals, and just by living a long and activity filled life. I have done and accomplished much and I have tried things and failed (at least by other people’s measurement).

Here is the thing…there are lessons in both.

What’s more, I have a long professional life of listening to others and helping them find their calling, their passions, and their truest desires for their life (for some…their divine calling from God). This work is part of my divine calling.

Do you just need someone with whom to talk? Do you need someone to encourage you when you need it? Do you need accountability? These are but a few things I offer in this mentoring relationship.

Due to my busy schedule, I can only take on a very limited number of individuals for this special service. What I will tell you is…I will be there for you.

Let’s get you on the calendar.

The Mentor Program is available on a monthly basis. Each week, you will share one hour of uninterrupted time with me via a phone call or Zoom meeting on computer. During that time, we will evaluate you current location in your process, discover areas where you have felt growth and those where you haven’t, and agree on practical steps you will begin to incorporate before our next conversation. What’s more, I will cheer you on and hold you accountable.

So…Do you want to grab hold of this very limited opportunity? You just commit to ONE month.

If so, reach out to me today by whatever means is best for you. We will touch base and see if it is a good match.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!