Power Hour (1-1 Coaching)

Do you find yourself stuck and unsure as to your next move in a critical area of your life? Or, maybe you just feel completely stuck and even unhappy with life as it is now.

Don’t lose hope! You can make adjustments and shift your impossible to possible…and I am here to help!

  • Maybe you have lived a life of trying to please others even at your own expense.
  • Maybe you have let other’s opinions on your life trump your own.
  • Maybe you have realized that you just aren’t happy with the life you have right now, knowing there has to be more.
  • Maybe you have been hurt by someone and you need to heal and move forward, especially if you are facing or have faced divorce.
  • Maybe you are struggling to accept God’s forgiveness.
  • Maybe you feel that you are a spiritual outcast but long to belong.

Well…I understand. I have experienced all of these at times. I promise. I have.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start living the life you dream about?

So, listen…

YOU are not alone. As I said earlier: I am here to help you.

In this hour-long Power Hour, we will:

  • Discuss your current situation
  • Discuss your desires or your heart for your healing and YOUR future
  • Work on your limiting mindset
  • Consider the options you currently see
  • Help YOU choose (It truly is your choice.)
  • Strategize practically how you can move forward
  • And for those of Faith-invite God’s power and blessing into the process

You will also get a follow-up text (within 7 days) from me to check-in and see how you are doing.

Okay, Keith…how much?

I get it. Money is important.

Well, I try to make my work as affordable as possible but guard my time as well. So, I currently offer this Power Hour for only…

$97.00* (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents) If you decide you want to upgrade to a multi-session plan, this payment will be applied to that cost. *This rate will go up soon.

But before you pay a dime, I want you to reach out to me via an e-mail to share the information below. That way, before you spend any money, I can better make sure we are a good fit. After all, that is vital to us both.

Send me an email telling me:

  • A little about yourself (including if you are a person of faith or not)
  • The area of coaching you think you need
  • A brief description of your situation as you see it at present (that way I can plan better for the session)
  • A brief idea of where you want to go or what you want to achieve (if you already know)
  • Tell me a little about your schedule so I can see if our schedules can be aligned for this important work.
  • Are you a member of my Mail List (Circle)? If so, include your code so I can give you your discount!

I will notify you once I have looked over you email and decided if I think we are a good fit. If so, you will be able to PayPal your payment and we will get you scheduled.

Let’s get you on the calendar!

That’s it. Just click the Mail button underneath this and send me that information.

Coaching Agreement

If we do connect and set-up a Power-Hour Session, you will need to complete and sign the contract. One of the easiest ways for most folks is to print it out, complete, sign, and then take a picture of each page and send to me. This is for mutual understanding and protection.