Rainbow Journey Course (RJC)

Jumpstart Your Healing from Church Trauma and Construct Authentic, Affirming Faith

Are you a Bisexual (or anyone within the LGBTQ+) and were raised in the conservative church and are now dealing with the pain of church trauma, heaped upon your by "loving" Christians?

If so...you are not alone! I get it...

Your childhood faith was important to you. I would even submit for a great deal of you...it still is.

Next question: are you ready to heal your hurts and grow authentic, affirming faith?

That was me. I spent many years remaining quiet and closeted as a bisexual, cis-gender male and listening to people pile on the trauma. I heard how queerness was a sin. I heard about gays going to hell. I heard "love the sinner-hate the sin." But the thing that got me past all of that was self-awareness and faith.

"Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience. He is a man of God that deeply cares for the LGBTQ+ community."

Matt W.

Enough is enough.

With the support of my wife, I took ownership of who I was and how I could better serve those with whom I cared for so deeply.

I spent most of my life silent and suffering...until I wasn't...and the healing began. I even worked years and years as an Evangelical clergy with the feelings and beliefs stuffed down and held to myself. I was thankfully able to work with others within the community, "behind closed doors," and all within the closet. Now, I am out and able to work with folks "out in the open" and help them live a true, authentic, and happy life.

In this Digital Course we are going to tackle that trauma by utilizing key tools to wellness and tackle the faith by deconstructing and constructing of YOUR authentic and personal faith as a LGBTQ+ Christian.

"I absolutely recommend Keith. I have known Keith for over 16 years. Keith's work with LGBT youth and adults is not only important, but necessary. The population of Christians among the community is small. Keith faces trauma caused by the church head on. He helps people move from a place of hurt caused by the religion to helping understand the essential personal relationship they have with God."

Jessica B.

Healing and Faith Go Together


If you are like I was, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with all the baggage that has been heaped upon you by "loving" Christians with homophobic beliefs.

It's time for a change...

*You are going learn how to better define and understand your personal trauma, learn tools and techniques to begin the healing journey, and learn key Theological pillars that are important to construct within your new and authentic faith. All these things will help you heal!

"But Keith, I am doing okay. I have learned to just 'suck it up.'"

Well, let me tell you my friend...I am not a young guy any longer, and I tried doing that for a whole lot of years. Guess what? It doesn't work.

This digital course will start with helping you truly understand your trauma.

Look...I get it...

It isn't easy for most of us to come to terms with our true sexual identity, especially when it falls outside the heterosexual norm of society and church.

* In this course, You are going to learn how to dump the shame and better love yourself.

  • Self Discovery
  • Self Acceptance
  • Self Celebration

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"Keith, what if I have a busy schedule and would have a hard time doing the entire course in just a few days?" That's the beauty of this course. You don't have to.

Although I created this course to be taken in just just a few short days...it truly is a self-paced course. You can take all the time you need. I don't "drip" the content to you so you have access to the entire course on day 1. Then, you do the work as it fits your schedule.

I want you to change your life, my friend...

And I am determined to help you get there.

You are going to begin ridding yourself of shame and negative self-talk. You are going to learn how special you are in the sight of your creator.

This is a journey for the Bi (or other's within the greater Queer community) Christian who wants to free themselves from years of shame, understand their true standing with God, and learn how to move forward in healing and happiness. You have nothing to be sorry for when it comes to your identity. You can't "pray the gay away," as so many have tried to do. You will see that you are not alone in that failed attempt.

*You are going to get more understanding of YOUR faith!

I know that carefully analyzing your faith, what some call "deconstruction," is an absolute when it comes to moving forward toward deeper and deeper healing and thriving as a queer Christian. I realize some of you may have already decided to throw away your faith. If that's you, I get it. The past trauma and ugly treatment by folks within the church can certainly make that a viable option. But, I hope that isn't the case for you. I hope you are at least still open to the possibility of faith.

If you are analyzing your faith, there is no absolute right or wrong way to do it. What I do believe is that having a systematic program to tackle key Theological issues will give your the core foundation to not only contemplate your beliefs, but perhaps, provide the footing for a better, more genuine faith.

That's what we will tackle in this Digital Course.

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Some key Theological issues will include:

Module 1: Basics of Trauma

  • The Basics of Trauma
  • The 3 A's of healing
  • The issue of avoidance

Module 2: Forgive to Heal

  • Redefining forgiveness and why it matters
  • The practical steps to get there

Module 3: Boundaries

  • Why we must use boundaries
  • What boundaries are and are not
  • How to set boundaries

Module 4: How to Handle Conflict

  • How to Handle conflict
  • The practical steps to handle conflict

Module 5: Construct Your Faith

  • The Bible: what authority does it have, and how should I study it?
  • God (Trinity): What do I truly believe about God and the nature of God?
  • Salvation/Atonement/Hell: including the 7 traditional theories of atonement
  • Church: what was it created to be and how can I participate?
  • The Bible and Homosexual: Do I truly understand the truth of the "Clobber verses?"
  • Christian living-How can I still worship, serve, and live for God as a Queer Christian?
  • And a lot more!

Module 6: Your Future

  • Envision and plan your future
  • Practical Plan to keep healing and growing

...and even more!

*You are going to get practical, daily tools to help you stomp out the trauma and finally move forward into your healing.

Even though I love to talk about "big picture stuff," like theology and goal setting (which we will definitely do), I know that you to get change and healing, there must be the practical. You need specific tools to set you up for success. We will do that. In fact, in addition to the practical tools I will suggest, I will also share and encourage you to utilize some spiritual disciplines that I have found helpful in my own healing.

*You are going to get support from others as you take this journey together.

You are not alone! I know I often say that...but it's true. There are many of us who have travelled and are traveling this shared road. I know, through years of pastoral counseling, coaching, and mentoring, that a circle of positive support, help, instruction, and even accountability is critical for our ultimate success and well-being. d

You will get that in the private Facebook group just for those that are taking, or have taken, this digital course (Lifetime of program enrollment.)

At the Core of all my coaching and/or Courses are these Foundational Truths:

  • Beliefs about God and Yourself do matter
  • Accepting responsibility for your own life, healing and future is essential
  • Strategizing is important to your growth and healing
  • Incorporating resources and support is crucial to your well-being
  • Celebrating your victories along the way will empower you to keep going
  • Serving others will give you purpose, peace, and passion

Okay, Keith...what is the cost?

I get it.

Well, I know that for a Digital Course like this that provides results, is created with the educational and experiential qualifications of the teacher, and includes the accountability and help from fellow course peers, the cost would easily be...

$2, 000 or more. But...

I purposefully set my prices at a level that is fair to my clients and me. So, the entire cost of the unbelievable, all inclusive, Digital Course is only...

Introductory low price: $197*!!! (Plus 7% sales tax for NC Residents) One time Fee!

*Please note that this price will increase soon.

That's it! That's all it cost for you to gain access to:

  • All the Video Teaching
  • Private and Exclusive Facebook Group to interact with me and your peers
  • Periodic live videos within the group to answer any questions I can handle.

But wait...

You will also get...

  • 25% Discount on any one-on-one Coaching Session or Package
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