Silver Queer Society

Are you age 45+ and looking for a safe place to belong, learn, be supported and support others?

If so...I've got good news for you. You've found it. This is a private and exclusive place for older LGBTQ+ adults to belong and thrive.

Sometimes, as older adults withing the community, we can feel a little lost. We see the youngers crowd so free and out about their sexuality and yet, we, often remain isolated, quiet, and even sometimes ashamed.


Realize that you are in a different stage of life and that matters. As older adults, we have different concerns, learned behaviors, and even life expectations that differ from our children or even, grandchildren. We shouldn't minimize those ideas or feelings.


That also should not prevent us from accepting, celebrating, and living in the fullness of our identity. How that looks will vary from person to person and that's okay.

If you are 45+ in age, then this is the place for you to feel welcome, heard, and supported.

What you get:

  • A very private online community to interact and build relationships with others like ourselves
  • Periodic coaching videos by myself and other professional teachers/coaches/therapists within the community
  • A place to ask questions and get answers from your peers and me
  • Monthly Live ZOOM session for learning, support, and fellowship (Recorded and posted to group in case you can't join us live)

What abut the cost?

As a founding member of the Membership, the current price is only $19* per month recurring, and your cost will NEVER increase as long as you keep your membership current. (Cancelling membership will remove you from the group and Zoom Sessions. To rejoin, you must do so at the price at that time.)

*Cost subject to increase without notice

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us today!

Click here to join us!