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Table Talks with Chloe Specht: From Evangelical Pastor’s Child to an Exvangelical Minister

Chloe Specht is an example of what can develop from a hard place of spiritual trauma.  Raised in an ultra-conservative denomination, from a family of ministers, Cloe talks about her personal journey and the obstacles she had to overcome. You will feel empowered after hearing my chat with Cloe.

Chloe Specht is a pastor's-kid-turned-exvangelical from North Carolina.  She is a writer and theologian working at the intersections of queerness, disability, and progressive spirituality.  She holds a Master of Divinity and is a candidate for pastoral ordination in The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  I must say here that I am pretty sure I said the wrong denomination in this episode, but please overlook my mistake.  It is Disciples of Christ. 

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