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Taking my washing machine for granted

I can honestly say that my washing machine is not something I often think about. In fact, even though I typically do the laundry for my wife and I (I work from home-she is out being a professional psychologist), I can honestly say I don't think about my washing machine on a regular basis. When we have dirty laundry I simply load that bad boy up (and yes I separate), add the detergent, and hit start. Then I walk away and work until I hear the buzz. Simple right? Sound familiar?



Imagine my surprise when I came back to check on the laundry and found a puddle on my floor. And...the water in the machine had not even drained correctly. Suddenly, that machine I never really thought about was at the top of my thought list.

It became even more important to me when I found out the soonest a mechanic could come was a week out. What? A week? wife and I made real choices on wardrobe over that week. I confess that I even gave my shorts a sniff test a time or two. 🙂

Then, thankfully, the guy shows up only to tell me that it is done. There is no fix. Time for a new one. Now, my wife and I await the arrival of our new one.


I sit here and write this blog post from a laundry matt. I can honestly say I haven't been to one since I was in college. The most surprising thing was perhaps the cost. Crazy. So, I sit here and work. I use my hotspot on my phone, listen to a friend's podcast, and work.

But before I leave you I want to share with you a couple of thoughts I had from this experience.:

  • Sometimes we take our basic blessings for granted.
  • When issues come we have to adjust (I am at a laundry place, after all).

Okay...time to dry.

Be blessed my friend,


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