The Healing Journey: Helping your create a plan to heal your church trauma, learn to love yourself more, and let the harmful crap go.

Have you been truly hurt by people within the church but are ready to start truly loving yourself and develop more ability to let the harmful crap go?

If so...this is for you.

I get it..

Give me 10 Weeks and I promise you that your life will be better and you will have a game plan to fuel your healing and create a fabulous future.

Let me be clear...

Healing doesn't just happen in 10 weeks; however, this coaching is going to help you build the exact routine that I, and many of my clients and students, have used to experience healing and thriving in life.

If you are like me, you want practical, doable, tasks that will move you from where you are toward where you want to be. I believe in practical. I believe in a game plan. I believe in our need to stop with the excuses and start the execution.

Your abuse by those within the church is real. It cuts deep, and the trauma caused by them has lasting impact on your mind, body...and sadly, for many...your faith.

"Keith, do I still have to have that faith to get benefit from this coaching?"

Short answer is...


I don't think the faith of you past is helpful for your future; however, I do believe that authentic, affirming faith can be. But, like I isn't a necessity to get benefit form this coaching. We will actually leave most of the "faith" stuff for our next "Jumpstart" coaching program.

So, are you ready to take responsibility for your healing? That's right. Are YOU ready to take ownership and responsibility for your healing? If so, you are ready to jump in with me.

Truth is...I was where you are. I spent many years remaining quiet and closeted as a bisexual, cis-gender male and listening to people pile on the trauma. I heard how queerness was a sin. I heard about gays going to hell. I heard "love the sinner-hate the sin." Sound familiar?

"Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience. He is a man of God that deeply cares for the LGBTQ+ community."

Matt W. (1-1 Coaching Client)

Enough is enough.

I spent way too long in silence and suffering...until I wasn't...and the healing began.


I even worked years and years as an Evangelical clergy with the feelings and beliefs stuffed down and held to myself. I was, thankfully, able to work with others within the community, "behind closed doors," and all within the closet. I finally reached a point that I was no longer willing to do that.

Now, I am personally out of the closet and able to work with folks to help them live a true, authentic, and happy life as they move forward in their healing.

I simply share what I did and what I have learned over a lifetime to get where I am today.

    "I absolutely recommend Keith. I have known Keith for over 16 years. Keith's work with LGBT youth and adults is not only important, but necessary. The population of Christians among the community is small. Keith faces trauma caused by the church head on. He helps people move from a place of hurt caused by the religion to helping understand the essential personal relationship they have with God."Jessica B.

    Jessica B.


    If you are like I was, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with all the baggage that has been heaped upon you by "loving" Christians with homophobic beliefs.

    The answer?

    Love Yourself and Let the Crap Go!

    Yeah, I know...easier said than done. Another way of saying that is...

    Shift your mindset, empower your work, set your boundaries, and plan your future.

    It's not easy but it is doable. I promise.

    That's why...

    You are going learn powerful tips and tools and how to incorporate them in your trauma recovery.

    "But Keith, I am doing okay. I have learned to just 'suck it up.'"

    Well, let me tell you my friend...I am not a young guy any longer, and I tried doing that for a whole lot of years. Guess what? It doesn't work.

    Let me say it again for you, my dear friend...

    It doesn't work! I know. Like I said, I tried. My clients over the last 30+ years have tried it. We all discovered that just "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps" doesn't work.

    At the Core of all my coaching and/or Courses are these Foundational Truths:

    • Beliefs about God and Yourself do matter (You don't have to be a Christian.)
    • Accepting responsibility for your own life, healing and future is essential
    • Strategizing is important to your growth and healing
    • Incorporating resources and support is crucial to your well-being
    • Celebrating your victories along the way will empower you to keep going
    • Serving others will give you purpose, peace, and passion

    Okay, Keith...what is the cost?

    I get it. Money is important.

    You may even be asking: "Why do you charge if you are an ordained priest and trying to do 'God's work.'" Let me answer that first...

    The reasons are simply these:

    • I no longer work for a local church and do not receive compensation from such.
    • I make my living with this business (that is an honest answer.)
    • I have years and money invested in education, practice, and experience for which I deserve compensation.
    • This affords me the time to help instead of doing it "on the side."
    • Those who invest in themselves experience more success.

    So...I hope those honest answers help. still want to know...

    How Much?

    I try to make my work as affordable and transparent as possible. .

    So, here is the Package available...

    Grab this 10-Week Package!

    Good and impactful coaching takes time. Let's use it to help you create the best plan possible.

    And get Instant Messenger or Voxer help with me during the entire 10 weeks.


    The 10-Week Program Package gets you:

    • An hour-long Zoom call with me weekly to review our past work, discuss what's next, and set the gameplan for the next week. (This gives you time to truly do the work and put in the thought with each step. By then end of the 10 weeks, you will have a game plan to carry you forward.)
    • Instagram or Voxer Private Message ability with me for the entire 10 weeks.

    Cost for this incredibly personal experience with me is only : $697* when paid in full at time of scheduling (+7% Sales Tax for NC Residents).

    *Rate subject to change at any time.

    But wait...for those who would like to do a little more work with me...there is a bonus!

    Bonus: Special Single Session Price (Package graduates only)

    For those who want to grab a single session with me, most often 30-60 days out from the end of the program, this is for you. Once we finish this intensive program, I find that many of my clients like the idea of having periodic sessions to recap, rethink, and sometimes, even re-strategize but don't want to jump right into another program. Although I most often suggest the next package, these single sessions are available to you once you finish this coaching package. If my schedule allows, we can even do these singles on a consistent basis. It is in your court at this point. You may grab This single session pricing is only $77*.

    *This is a current low offer and is subject to change without notice.

    As you can see, my current rate is affordable and totally transparent.

    Apply now...