Towardations (My version of affirmations)

A few years ago, during a particular difficult time in my life, I tried affirmations to help adjust my mindset and help pull me from the stress and hurt I was feeling. Sadly, even faithful use didn't bring the results I had hoped for. Instead, my critical mind filter (I call it the gatekeeper.) kept listening to my affirmations and just booted them out as false statements.

So...even though I kept trying...they just didn't work for me.

That's when I really began to analyze why. What I discovered was that for affirmations to work for me, they had to be true. Theses weren't. So...I decided to change that.

I sat down a created a formula that was both active, progressive, and most importantly, true.

That's where "Towardations" came from. So, I decided to release them to the world in a book where I combined them with an extra few words for the Christians. So, regardless of your faith or lack thereof, these will still work for you.

Grab these Towardations and see if they don't help you.