Wipeout Trauma Group Coaching

Have you been truly hurt by people due to your sexual identity, especially those within the church (Spiritual Trauma), but are ready to start healing by letting the crap go and loving yourself more?

If so...this is for you.

I get it...

That's why I created this powerful group experience based on my proven method of healing.

Give me 10 Weeks and I promise you that your life will be better and you will have a game plan to fuel your healing and create a fabulous future.

Let me be clear...

Healing doesn't just happen in 10 days; however, this coaching is going to help you build the exact routine that I, and many of my clients and students, have used to experience a wipeout of their trauma.

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Don't stand on the shore. Let's get you riding toward your healing.

"Surfing?! Keith, what does surfing have to do with being a queer Christian?"

Well, honestly...not much.

I was at the beach, my forever home, praying and thinking over how I could re-package my method in the most creative, but authentic way. I wanted to better illustrate the lessons while staying within the workable framework that I have been using in my work for over 30+ years...as well as my personal life, and then...

That's when this connection came to me. So, hang on...

Truth is, my love for all things ocean inspired me to create this connection with surfing that makes it more interesting and fun.

In this coaching, you are going to get big picture truths, but...

If you are like me, you want practical, doable, tasks that will move you from where you are toward where you want to be. I believe in practical. I believe in a game plan. I believe in our need to stop with the excuses and start the execution.

Your abuse because of your identity is real. It cuts deep, and the trauma caused has lasting impact on your mind, body...and sadly, for many...your faith.

"Keith, do I still have to have that faith to get benefit from this coaching"

Short answer is...


I don't think the faith of you past is helpful for your future; however, I do believe that authentic, affirming faith can be. But, like I said...it isn't a necessity to get benefit from this coaching.

So, are you ready to take responsibility for your healing? That's right. Are YOU ready to take ownership and responsibility for your healing? If so, you are ready to jump in with me.

Truth is...I was where you are. I spent many years remaining quiet and closeted as a bisexual male and listening to people pile on the trauma. I heard how I was a sinner. I heard that I was weird. I heard that I was going to hell. I heard that God hated me.

Sound familiar?

"Coaching with Dr. Brown has been an amazing experience. He is a man of God that deeply cares for the LGBTQ+ community."Matt W. (1-on-1 Client)

Enough is enough.

I spent way too long in silence and suffering...until I wasn't...and the healing began.


I even worked years and years as an Evangelical clergy with the feelings and beliefs stuffed down and held to myself. I was, thankfully, able to work with others within the community, "behind closed doors," and all within the closet. I finally reached a point that I was no longer willing to do that.

Now, I am personally out of the closet and able to work with folks to help them live a true, authentic, and happy life as they move forward in their healing.

I simply share what I did and what I have learned over a lifetime to get where I am today.

In this Group Coaching , I am going to take you through the exact plan I have used for almost 60 years to heal my own trauma and become a trauma thriver. The connection to surfing is just a fun way to do it.

"I absolutely recommend Keith. I have known Keith for over 16 years. Keith's work with LGBT youth and adults is not only important, but necessary. The population of Christians among the community is small. Keith faces trauma caused by the church head on. He helps people move from a place of hurt caused by the religion to helping understand the essential personal relationship they have with God."Jessica B.

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The abuse cuts deep.


If you are like I was, you are probably trying to figure out what to do with all the baggage that has been heaped upon you by "loving" Christians, family, friends...and even strangers.

The answer?

Love Yourself and Let the Crap Go!

Yeah, I know...easier said than done. Another way of saying that is...

Shift your mindset, empower your work, set your boundaries, and plan your future.

It's not easy but it is doable. I promise.

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That's why...

You are going learn powerful tips and tools and how to incorporate them in your trauma recovery.

Before long, you will be you riding high on that big swell toward your healing.

"But Keith, I am doing okay. I have learned to just 'suck it up.'"

Well, let me tell you my friend...I am not a young guy any longer, and I tried doing that for a whole lot of years. Guess what? It doesn't work.

Let me say it again for you, my dear friend with beach sand in your ears...

It doesn't work! I know. Like I said, I tried. My clients over the last 30+ years have tried it. We all discovered that just "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps" doesn't work.


This coaching will start with helping you truly understand your trauma and its impact at the deepest level.

Look...I get it...

It isn't easy for most of us to come to terms with our true sexual identity, especially when it falls outside the heterosexual norm of society and church.

You are going to learn how to dump the shame and better love yourself.

What you will get in this coaching journey:

  • Live Streaming Coaching/Facilitated Discussion each Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm EST (will be recorded for those who can't attend)
  • Private group where you can ask questions, make friends and find peer support, watch any live sessions you missed during the 10 weeks.
  • Printable workbook
  • Instant message support directly from me (you always have access to other members in the fellowship group but you will be able to reach out to me via Instagram messenger)
  • Peer Wisdom during the live sessions
  • 30+ years of experience helping people heal trauma
  • Maximum-10 Champions per Group
  • A life-time of experience as a bisexual man who has grown, healed, and thrived
  • Faith help if you want it during the journey (This is not part of the "formal" coaching modules but available through messaging or posting a question within the group.

I want YOU to change your life, my friend...

And I am determined to help you do it.

You are going to begin ridding yourself of shame and negative self-talk.

The Tips & Tools will be shared in our 10 weekly meetings. They include (but not limited to):

...and so much more!

You are going to get practical tools to help you stomp out your trauma and finally move forward into your healing. These tools will go into your systematic game plan to work on daily as you move forward.

Even though I love to talk about "big picture stuff," like theology, goal setting, and therapy modalities, I know that true change requires the practical, daily stuff. You need specific tools to set you up for success. We will do that. This gets down to the real steps to take.


And remember...

You are also going to get support from others as you take this journey together.

You are not alone! I know I often say that...but it's true. There are many of us who have travelled and are traveling this shared road. I know, through years of pastoral counseling, coaching, and mentoring, that a circle of positive support, help, instruction, and even accountability is critical for our ultimate success and well-being.

That's why...

You will get that in the private group just for those taking the journey with you. That's right. You will have the chance to connect, grow, and celebrate together.

Just so you know...

At the Core of all my coaching and/or Courses are these Foundational Truths:

  • Beliefs about God and Yourself do matter (You don't have to be a Christian.)
  • Accepting responsibility for your own life, healing and future is essential
  • Strategizing is important to your growth and healing
  • Incorporating resources and support is crucial to your well-being
  • Celebrating your victories along the way will empower you to keep going
  • Serving others will give you purpose, peace, and passion

Okay, Keith...what is the cost?

I get it.

Well, I know that for a group coaching experience like this, that provides real, practical steps and tools, is created with the educational and experiential qualifications of an experienced teacher, and includes the accountability and help from fellow course peers, the cost would easily be...

$2,000 or more.

Aren't you in for a pleasant surprise?

Even thought I could charge more...

I purposefully set my prices at a level that is fair to my clients and me. I truly do subscribe to a Win/Win philosophy. So, the entire cost of the unbelievable, all inclusive, Group Coaching is only...

$497*!!! (Plus 7% sales tax for NC Residents) One time Fee!

*Price subject to change without notification.

So get it now at this lowest price possible!!!

And don't forget...

Your group is limited to 10 persons maximum.

That's it! That's all it cost for you to gain access to:

  • All the live coaching
  • Printable workbook
  • Private and Exclusive Group were you and other course students can interact

So, see...

This is going to be an amazing opportunity for you!