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Table Talks with Author Fiona J. Dawson

I am so thrilled to invite Fiona Dawson onto the podcast today.  In this Table Talks episode, we will hear Fiona's story, talk about her fantastic book, and discuss some practical lessons I think we should all take to heart.  If you don't already know who "Auntie Fiona" is, she is an Emmy®-nominated and award-winning filmmaker. She is a proud bisexual, cisgender, immigrant woman from the LGBTQ+ community who uses media to advocate for equality. Following her Emmy®-nominated short New York Times op-doc "Transgender, at War and in Love," Fiona was honored by President Obama as an LGBT Artist Champion of Change and her feature documentary, TransMilitary, premiered at SXSW 2018 winning the Audience Award. Her acclaimed book, “Are Bisexuals Just Greedy? Animated Answers for All People Who Simply Want to Understand the Spectrum of Being LGBTQ+,” is a four times #1 bestseller on Amazon, and Fiona was on honoree on the Out100 2022: LGBTQ+ Titans of Media and Entertainment. Fiona’s company, Free Lion Productions, produces "NOW with Fiona" multimedia content all centered on sharing positive LGBTQ+ stories of kindness and courage in the face of adversity. Fiona loves to build, speak, and produce to make good things happen.
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So, grab that coffee, have a seat at my table, and let's chat on this Bible Talks episode of the Coffee with Keith podcast.
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