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Table Talks with Kellie Woolf, Author of the novel, Mount Hope

I am so thrilled to have author, Kellie Woolf back on the Coffee with Keith podcast. Kellie's debut novel, Mount Hope launched on June 21, 2022.  This fabulous story is set in her hometown of Topeka, Kansas.  As a fierce supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, Kellie is a s strong advocate for all, including her transgender daughter.  She believes three things are designed innately for everyone, faith, hope and love.  Mount Hope is a story that incorporates these human experiences along with the message that you don't have to choose between a relationship with Jesus or one in being true to yourself.  You can have both.

In this Table Talks episode, Kellie and I chat about the responses to the book, where she is now on your faith journey, and her plans for her future writing projects.  You don't want to miss this fantastic chat.

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Grab your coffee, have seat at my table, and let's chat on this episode of Coffee with Keith.

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