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How SHAME keeps us stuck as a Queer Christian and what we need to do instead

I get it.   You have been hurt so often by those within the church because of your sexual identity.  What's more, for many of you, having grown up in the church, you have been taught to believe that you identity makes you a bad person, especially in the eyes of God.  Thus...shame.  Well, we need to boot shame to the curve.  In fact, the  more light we bring to our shame, the more healing we bring to our life.  Therefore, I want to simply suggest 5 general steps to begin the healing of our shame as a queer Christian.  Please understand that the real work takes more effort and input, but at least this gives you a place to begin and information to think through.  Please do reach out to me if you could use my coaching help.  I am here for you.  Otherwise...

Grab your coffee, have seat at my table, and let's chat on this episode of Coffee with Keith.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor am I a licensed therapist.  If you need either of those services, please consult a local professional.

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