Be Careful of External Energy

Let me begin this blog post by clearly stating that this is not some metaphysical and spiritual teaching or practice; rather, I am speaking of the obvious mood or attitude of others when they come into your shared space. Can’t you immediately tell when someone is excited? They are smiling, energetic, perhaps even remind you of a bee as they hop from one place to another, one movement to another, or even one subject to another. And I bet you can remember some of those cases when a person entered you shared space and was mad, upset, or even depressed. There are obvious facial expressions, body posture, etc. that quickly allow us to “pick up on their energy” at that given moment.

What I often find is that if I am not careful, I can absorb that negative energy. I can be perfectly fine, even happy, and then someone I begin talking to comes with pessimism, complaint, etc., and then my own mood can change. I absorb that energy if I let me guard down. The next thing I know, I am in agreement with them and complaining as well.

I find that when this happens, I must do the following:

  • Recognize the negative energy and acknowledge it internally
  • Remind myself that I do not want to absorb that energy so guard myself from that
  • Remind myself that I can still help with compassion as long as I keep reminding myself of the former
  • Seek a positive response for this person in a non-judgmental fashion

It truly is easy to allow others to dictate our mood and our future outlook…unless we guard ourselves.



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