Bi Crew

The people have spoken!

Folks on my social media, as well as some within my email community, have told me...

"I need a private and safe, Bisexual Community. After all,'re bi, too."

Right, you are. And although I have coached, counseled, and mentored folks who identify as every letter, I certainly relate to the bisexual most. So...

I did it.

I created the "BI CREW," a membership group for bisexual/pansexual folks, in or outside of the closet.

This one is open to anyone age 21+!!!

Okay...So what do you get for this "MASSIVE" investment. ???? Well, you will get:

  • Private online community to post and share (This isn't Facebook. Although privacy acceptance is a term of membership, J. Keith Brown can't guarantee the actions of other members. They will be removed if they break any of the rules.)
  • At least one video teaching per month by myself or another expert related to issues that we Bisexuals face. This might also include an exclusive video recording of the "Coffee with Keith" podcast.
  • Consistently Growing Resource Library with videos, .pdfs, etc. to utilize as a member

What about the rules?

Here you go:

  • Privacy is critical (Remember that some within this group will still be closeted.)
  • Respect and Kindness is expected always (Report any bullying or abuse. Doing so could result in you being terminated from group without refund.)
  • This is a supportive community...not a pick-up spot. (Not a sex membership!)
  • No spamming, links, or driving members to other groups or products. Links to useful articles, etc. are fine. (Basically...just use your manners and have a little respect for my work and time building this.)

Failure to accept and follow these simple rules may result in cancelled membership and deletion from the membership without refund. (You will not be charged future payments if this were to happen.).

"So, much?"

You won't believe this, but the cost of this valuable community is only $9.97 per month! I know!!! That price shouldn't keep anyone from joining in. And listen, you can even cancel anytime if you decide it isn't for you. But...I hope you will stay and grow with us. 🙂

You can also choose the affordable yearly plan for even less.

Yearly plan only $97!!!

You ready?

Okay, then...join using the link and start participating today!!!

Join here!