Bible Versions

Are you wanting to buy a Bible and just don’t know which one to get? There are so many choices of versions it can certainly be confusing, And most often, when we ask others for advice, they simply tell you the one they use without regard to why? I think it is better that we more fully understand their differences and then be able to pick the one that is right for us.


Remember, as you grow, sometimes you choices change. So if you are a new Christian, don’t be surprised if you pick one only to desire another type later on. It’s okay.

So here are my 2 suggestions:

  • Start where you are now in your Spiritual growth. (You can always grab another style later.)
  • Pick the one that best matches your Biblical usage.

And now…Here is the lesson:

New American Standard Bible Christian Standard BibleNew International Readers Version
New English TranslationNew International VersionThe Message
King James VersionNew Living TranslationGood News
New King James VersionThe Living Bible