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Bisexuality and Monogamy


Bisexuality is a sexual orientation that often faces misconceptions and stereotypes, one of which is the assumption that bisexuality inherently implies non-monogamy or a preference for multiple partners; however, just like gay and straight, bisexuality does not determined one's choices. I can tell you that many bisexuals live happy and fulfilling lives within monogamous relationships.

Challenging Stereotypes

It's essential to recognize and challenge stereotypes that suggest bisexuals are inherently non-monogamous or unfaithful. These stereotypes undermine the individual's ability to choose their relationship structure, including monogamy.

Communication is Key

For any relationship to thrive, communication is absolutely essential. This holds true for monogamous relationships involving bisexual individuals as well. Open and honest discussions about feelings, desires, and boundaries are necessary for building trust and maintaining a healthy connection. Bisexual individuals can express their desire, needs, and concerns just like anyone else, leading to a strong foundation for their monogamous relationship.

Embracing Identity

A monogamous relationship doesn't require anyone to suppress or deny their identity. Bisexual individuals can still embrace and celebrate their sexual orientation within the context of a committed partnership. Feeling accepted and understood by their partner for who they are is vital for emotional well-being.

Respecting Boundaries

Monogamous relationships, regardless of the sexual orientation of the individuals involved, thrive on mutual respect for boundaries. Bisexuals must utilize boundaries just like every other type of relationship and sexual identity.


Bisexuality is an amazing aspect of a person's identity that doesn't determine their capacity for monogamous love and commitment. Just like gay and straight individuals, bisexuals seek meaningful, fulfilling relationships that align with their values and desires. Never underestimate the quality of partner that can be found in a bisexual.

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