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    How to Handle Anxiety

    It is estimated that approximately 90 % of Americans deal with Anxiety.  What's more, we see an increase in teenagers dealing with anxiety and even depression at an alarming rate. We are an anxious people.  Obviously, the virus is also a major culprit in the increase but it definitely isn't the only reason.  Life can be difficult for us all at times.  In this episode of "Coffee with Keith," I share 11 simple tips for shifting us from anxiety to calm.  I  realize that there is no earth shattering revelations here but at a minimum, I hope you will find encouragement to put some of these practices in place daily. …

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    Preach Your Funeral while You are Still Living

    Yes, I know.  It's a strange title.  But if you will give a listen I think you will understand quickly where I am coming from.  It's all about living in one's personal Integrity. In today's episode I will share my definition of Living In Personal Integrity and why I think it is vital for us to do so.  SO...grab a coffee (or your beverage of choice) and join me for a chat on this episode of "Coffee with Keith." My website: If you like the show, please consider a small donation at my Patreon. Intagram

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    Benefits of Failure

    What?  Keith, are you trying to tell me there are benefits of failure?  I am.  And in this episode I am going to share 4 of them with you.  We all know that failure is a part of life.  Either you have failed at things or you haven't tried anything new.  I doubt if you are listening to this podcast it is the latter.  SO...grab you beverage of choice, take a seat at my table, and let's chat about the "Benefits of Failure," on this episode of Coffee with Keith I want to add that I do get a little personal in this episode when I share one of the…