Coffee with Keith

Do you need some weekly inspiration and helpful tools to shift Your Impossible to Possible?

Well, I’ve got you.

“Coffee with Keith” Podcast

Each week I bring you a dose of encouragement and helpful advice, tips, and strategies for making your life more authentic, and joyful.

The show is primarily just me (at least for now) chatting to YOU as if you are sitting across the table from me at our local coffee house. And although I certainly know what the subject matter for each episode will be, I still purposefully have the show be as much “off the cuff” as I can.

Not only does this seem more relaxed and personable, it is truly the method I use to do all of my speaking and teaching. I never use a script and almost never even use notes. That way I am determined to present you with information that I have truly thought about, prayed about, and constructed within my mind and my heart. You get the information…and you get me.

In this podcast show I will try to be as honest, open, and vulnerable as I possibly can. I think that is essential for us to connect and for you to trust me. You do need to know that my opened heart, opened mind, and grace-filled Christian faith underscores all that I am and do; however, this show will not be “preachy” and I will work hard to make it open and interesting for those of faith and those without.

There is a spot for YOU at my table.

Join me, won’t you?

Please be sure to give me a 5 star rating and comment on any episode if you liked it. That help me connect with you and helps the show’s rating. 🙂

Lastly, I wanted to mention that you may reach out to me anytime if there is a subject within my niche that I can help you with.

Okay, grab your coffee…have a seat…and let’s chat!