How to Handle Conflict and Get Positive Resolutions in Your Relationships

Does just the mention of the word "CONFLICT" make you shiver? Do you try to avoid it at all cost?

If so...I have the perfect course for you which is going to empower your resolutions, set you up with the right mindset, and give you a simple, but powerful method to resolve your issues.

I get it.

Over my life, I have tried many times to do just about anything to avoid it and sometimes, that was even to my own detriment.

Have you ever done that?

But I eventually learned that doing this was hurting me and keeping my relationship from growing. Did you know that conflict often creates growth within a relationship?

It does. I know. Kinda hard to believe but's it absolutely true.

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Here's the thing...

CONFLICT is INVEVITABLE but it's how we handle it that is IMPORTANT.

Now I am sure there are those out there than get some kind of adrenaline rush from conflict and perhaps there are some who actually seek it out. But, that's not me. I bet it's not you, either.

I bet you have experienced some of these:

  • conflict with you spouse
  • conflict your kids
  • conflict with your friends
  • conflict at work
  • conflict within your church
  • conflict with your neighbor

...and the list goes on and on.

Sound familiar?


So what do you do?

You need to have a "Game Plan."

And I have one for you!

That's what I want to give you through this course. This is the exact plan I created and implemented in my life to better handle conflicts. Now, I will be honest, like I said earlier, I will never enjoy conflict or enjoy the process...but, I can tell you that knowing how to better handle them helps me move forward and deal with those that come.

What's more...I have mediated conflicts in my career! Crazy right?

But, it's true!!!

Conflict Game Plan

I am going to teach you a Philosophical, Theological, and Practical method of dealing with conflict that is going to help you have the right mind-set, the right emotions, and the right goals for your next conflict situation.

Look...I know we can't control someone else's attitude or desire when it comes to the conflict.


We can control our own. And I guarantee that following this Conflict Game Plan will help you stay focused, stay positive, and be your absolute best to negotiate a great outcome.

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Sound good so far?

In my game plan, you will use the phrase: "I DO PALS" to remind you of the keys and direct you in the method. Each letter in that simple phrase is going to provide you with the reminders of how you can better deal with this situation. What's more, I will provide you with a specific micro-step plan to use in seeking the resolution and healing.

Now...let's be honest...

There will be some relational conflicts that may never be resolved. That is sad but it does happen. But, I believe that most conflicts can be handled and both parties come out winners. That's what I want to help you do.

Okay, Keith...I'm starting to see the value in this.
So...tell me what I will get! is what you get:

You will get approximately 105 minutes of video where i teach/coach you through the entire Game Plan.

These Videos will include:

  • Some Generalities of Conflict that we must know and understand (Module 1)
  • Explanation and Clarification of each Key to the "I Do Pals" Game Plan (Modules 2-8)
  • Module 8 teaching will include the Micro-Step process for the actual resolution Process (Module 8)
  • Suggestions on mind-set and some added tips to help in that process
  • Practical Examples when appropriate to the teaching
  • Watch the videos at your own speed and preference
  • Approximately 105 minutes of focused teaching and mentoring


So...Keith...HOW MUCH does it cost?

I get your question...and your concern.

And I promise to tell you shortly. I also promise it's a lot less that you think.


Let me tell you about the extras, first!!!

YOU will also get...

*A .pdf Poster of the entire "I Do PALS" Game Plan for you to print and hang if desired!

*A Photo-Style print-out of the Micro-Step Resolution format you can look at periodically to remind you of the format!

But that's not all...

*You will ALSO get 5 "TOWARDATIONS" (My unique version of Affirmations) written specifically to help you gain more appreciation for conflict management and your ability to handle it!!!

Okay, I much?

Well, even though I know this type of course would usually be well over a hundred dollars...

I don't want to charge that. That way I can get it into the hands of more people like you. I truly want to help YOU heal your relationships during those times of conflict.


Can you believe that this course is only... $47! (plus sales tax where applicable.)

That's right...

This valuable course includes the videos, the poster, the micro-process...

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You get all that for the low price of only $47!

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