Forgiving is Hard!

Yeah, I get it.  It is extremely hard to forgive in many situations, especially those that cause us religious trauma.  What's more, often the person or persons who have hurt us don't ask or even feel they need to ask.  So, what do we do?  I believe we still need to forgive if we ever want to heal our trauma.

But, before you jump down my throat here, please take a look at these 4 thing to remember when it comes to forgiveness:

  • Forgiveness is a journey. It will take some time. Be sure to give yourself that.
  • Request is not Required! Your forgiveness doesn't need tor require a request from the offender (s).
  • Forgiving is not condoning. Please know and remember that.
  • Forgiving is a gift we give ourselves. It releases us from the power that trauma had over us. When you get there, you will see what I mean.

Remember, forgiveness isn't easy.  Don't beat yourself up.  But, please take it seriously for your own good.

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