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LGBTQ+ Trauma among the Young: A Table Talk with therapist Maddie Spear

LGBTQ+ kids, teens, and young adults are struggling and Maddie Spear know this first hand.  Maddie Spear, LCSW, is a trauma therapist located in North Carolina who works with children, teens, and young adults.  In addition to her work in direct trauma care, Maddie additionally works to bring mental health tips worldwide.  With a following of over 200,000 on social media, Maddie strives to eliminate the stigma around mental health and promote healing for all with accessible mental health tips and tricks to promote self-growth and self-care.  Feel free to connect with her on the following platforms for more ways to impact your mental wellbeing:
IG: @loveyourlittlevictories
TT: @therapy_thoughts

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