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Bible Talks: Being Judged as a Queer Christian

You know it. You hear it.  The moment you tell someone that you are queer AND Christian, they flip out.  "You can't be.  No such thing," is often what I hear. 

Sorry, Karen...but there is such a thing.  You can be Christian and queer.  In fact, I think those within the community have a beautiful perspective to bring to the faith and service.  But, let's be real...the judgement won't stop anytime soon.  But, take comfort that this kind of stuff isn't new.  Today, I want to share the reading from John 12: 1-8.  Take a peek into the action at the house of Lazarus when Jesus pays a visit.  I think you will find it interesting as we reflect from a queer perspective.

So, grab a coffee, have a seat and my coffee table, and let's chat on this edition of "Coffee with Keith."

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