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The Journey of Acceptance & Celebration of Sexual Identity with Minister Gayle Tabor

In today's Table Talk episode of "Coffee with Keith," I sit down with church planter, Gayle Tabor, to talk about the journey from Evangelical Child to out minister within the United Methodist Church.  Gayle is a firm believer in the necessity of equity and inclusion for all. Currently in June Gayle will be commissioned as a provisional elder in the United Methodist Church. Gayle is actively working to plant a progressive congregation in Wilmington NC. Gayle is currently the Director of Church Planting and Outreach for St Paul's UMC in Carolina Beach NC. Currently Gayle leads two churches; one that meets in the summer on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach and another that meets at Waterman's Brewery on Sunday evenings. Gayle lives with  wife, Jenn,  and dog Marshall in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I am sure you will enjoy this fantastic conversation I had with Gayle. 

Thanks for listening to Coffee with Keith.

To connect with Gayle:
Instagram: @pub.pastor

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