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A Chat with LGBTQ+ Life Coach Annie Henderson

On this episode of "Coffee with Keith," I welcome life coach, Annie  Henderson.  Annie M. Henderson is a Life Coach, Counselor, EFT Practitioner and Coming Out Coach for LGBTQ+ and families struggling with their child coming out and need some guidance along this way. 

Annie grew up a people pleaser, not coming out of the closet until she was in her late 20s.  She now has a partner of 10 years and a 15-year old daughter and lives in Texas.   

I so enjoyed our chat with Annie which obviously  included her personal story as LGBTQIA+ and other topics as they pertain to the community.  Give this one a listen.  I do need to mention that my voice was not quite up to normal on this episode so please overlook that. 

To connect with Annie:
Instagram: @life_coach_annie
Tik Tok @anniemhenderson

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