How to Handle Our Grief

I realize that Grief is not an uplifting subject.  It's also something that isn't enjoyable to experience.  But, as you and I is one that we will all face.  Every single person on this planet will experience true loss in their lives.  It could be a loss of a job, as loss of a loved one, or as is my work focus, the loss of a marriage.  Regardless of the cause, grief is a process that we will all experience.  

In this episode, we tackle this important subject by discussing:

  • The Stages of Grief (briefly)
  • The Key Lessons I have learned over 30 + years of working with grieving folks

If you are currently grieving...this episode is for you.  If you are a friend or support person to a grieving person...well, this episode is for you too.  In truth, I think this episode is for every individual to hear and think about as we journey through life on both sides of these events. 

I look forward to you joining me as we sip some coffee and chat about the facts of Greif.


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