Coaching for the Evangelical Parent of a LGBTQ+ Child

What do I do?

I can not tell you how many times I have heard this question over my years of work. Time and time again, Evangelical parents with a strong faith and background in evangelical theology, have been rocked to their core when THEIR child comes out as LGBTQ+. What’s more, I have seen just about every type of response. Some of these were better than others as you might imagine.

What I most often found was confusion and a sense of loss. There was confusion on if or how they could reconcile this with their faith. Even those who responded with unconditional love struggled with this big question.

You will be okay!

First of all…I want you to know that doesn’t make you bad or evil.

Your feelings, even if, and hopefully if, you responded to your child in unconditional love, are valid. The truth is, this announcement does contradict what you have most likely been told your entire Christian life. I get that. I learned and heard the same throughout my personal and institutional education and life as a Christian. So, I want to first encourage you to…

Give yourself a little slack even if your child or others don’t.

Most don’t understand what a shock to the system this can be for Evangelical parents.

But, after you give yourself a little love and slack, we must then move pretty quickly into negotiating your beliefs, your reality, and your and your families’ future.

That’s where I want to help.

In this coaching package, I will work with you for 4 sessions to unwrap your feelings emotionally, spiritually, and practically which will better allow you to serve your child in the best possible way. I will offer you insight gleamed form 30+ years of dealing with this issue within the Evangelical world and what I have seen to be helpful. Please note this is not an instant fix and true reconciliation and negotiation of acceptance may be a life-long endeavor. But, you need a game plan to do that.

Make no mistake…this is about you AND your child. I want to focus on what is best for both.

So…what is the coaching specifically?

  • 4 power-packed sessions (1 per week for an entire month) via phone or zoom
  • Discussion of the anti-gay scriptures in an honest and sensitive way.
  • A list of “Towardations” (my version of affirmations) that you can use to help you positively shift your thoughts
  • Helpful and meaningful homework assignments to further your progress (these are not excessive but are helpful)
  • Text messaging to touch base between life sessions.

So, could you use the help?

If so, simply shoot me an email (at: or button at top or bottom of website) and tell me:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • A little about your spiritual affiliation and history
  • A little about your child (their privacy will be protected)

Once I get your email, I will prayerfully look over it and let you know if I think I can be of service to you. Please note, I carefully pick those with whom I work because I want to be of the most helpful service to those folks. If I think I am not a good fit, I will be honest with you.

So, I know what you are thinking about now…


Well, let me jump right to it. Although this price will increase in the near future, you can get this coaching for…

The 4-week Program is only $377*(Plus 7% Sales Tax for NC Residence) *This price will increase soon.

What’s more…

There is also a Money-Back Guarantee on my package sessions.  If you are not satisfied with our first session, I will make it right and refund the entire purchase price.  It is important to me that my clients always feel that this is a good match for them and your well-being and satisfaction is important to me. If after our first full-length session you feel that we are not a good fit, or I think we aren't, I will be glad to refund your purchase price.